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Get supported by a professional executive assistant who can work on any tasks, no matter the size and also manage your calendar and answer your calls.

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Red Butler is made up of top ranking professionals from the corporate world. With our 9 point hiring check, less than 2% of all applicants get approved.

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A leading provider of secure virtual data room services for storing and sharing documents during M&A, fundraising, and other transactions.

Plan Used: Red 25

The SecureDocs Virtual Data Room solution was built and launched by AppFolio, Inc. in early 2012. On January 1st, 2014 SecureDocs was spun out to become a separate company. SecureDocs continues to provide an industry-leading data room for companies requiring maximum-security for sensitive business documents.

Secure Docs Productivity Portal

In 2013, our unit got spun out to give us the business advantage of being a smaller team with the ability to innovate more quickly. But that meant more marketing work and fewer support staff. Red Butler made the difference between me feeling overwhelmed and being effective.

Secure Docs Team Assistant
Laura & Sales Executives

Then, I found the sales team getting really swamped with daily tasks. So we upgraded to a Red Butler Productivity Portal with 25 hours that we could all have access to and share.

Red Butler Reviews Secure Docs
Laura & Team

Working with Red Butler became so natural to the team, I pumped up the number of hours to 25 and added unlimited users for anyone at SecureDocs to submit requests. It's become a fundamental part of our operation. Today, Red Butler handles our travel, recurring tasks, scheduling and much more.

Price & Associates

An international law firm covering all aspects of intellectual property law, including domestic and international trademark prosecution, enforcement and litigation, copyright litigation and brand management.

Plan Used: Red 50

Price & Associates, LLC practices exclusively in the area of intellectual property. In 2007, the firm began expanding globally providing services primarily to the entertainment, publishing, fashion, sports, finance and communications industries. Today P&A LLC has offices in New York, London and San Francisco.

Office Admin Price

I began using Red Butler in 2009 primarily for calendar management and appointment setting. When the firm began expanding into the UK, Red Butler handled all of my travel bookings and loyalty points management.

Administrative Assistant
Aaron & Partner

I recommended the service to another partner in the firm. When she expressed interest, Red Butler converted my account to a Productivity Portal so we could share my 25 hour admin allowance. And if one month wasn’t enough to cover us both, I’d buy more time on the fly.

Concierge Services Law Firm
Aaron & NYC Office

We ultimately decided that it was more cost effective to utilize Red Butler as an executive administrator for our entire New York office. We now strategically delegate all travel, scheduling and billing support to Red Butler.

Feature Packed

Since 2005, our clients have inspired Red Butler to continuously evolve our service model. Today we offer an industry-leading combination of professional virtual assistant and receptionist support, with additional services that include licensed travel, hospitality perks and service delivery technologies. Finally, a comprehensive solution to handle your professional business needs.

Professional Support

Responsive, consistent and accountable. With access to our entire team of US based professional administrators, Red Butler has the resources to give you the support you deserve.

Trust-Ranked Transactions

Meaningful delegation happens when trust is strong. Red Butler takes proactive responsibility for building trust by monitoring our connection to you and your team on every request.

Licensed Travel Experts

Executive travel is more complex than point-and-click. Red Butler combines the flexibility and continuous executive concierge services of a travel agency with internet-competitive fares and rates.

Exclusive Privileges

Hard work should have its rewards. This industry-leading Red Butler program gives you exclusive access to hundreds of partner vendor experiences, incentives, discounts, upgrades and rewards.

Scalable Resources

Flexibility matching need with time. Red Butler offers monthly plans that scale to the right number of hours for your business - supporting your working team from 1 to 50 users. Need a larger plan? Just ask - crunch time, you're covered.

Technology for Teams

Powerful cloud based productivity. We can launch a custom, co-branded Productivity Portal supporting up to 50 people in less than 24 hours. Share your time, collaborate with users, manage utilization and more.

12 Hour Coverage

Making productivity work. Easy set-up. Real-time metrics. Staff hours coverage in your time zone. And request communications matched to your personal style: call, email, text or login-in to Red Butler.

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