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Professional Support

Dedicated Assistant

Your Dedicated Assistant (DA) — a U.S. Based, Red Butler full time W2 employee that you have direct access to and who delivers results one to one to maximize quality, performance and consistency.



& Your Team

Team Virtual Assistant

Dedicated Assistant

Alexis is one of our full time Dedicated Assistants who takes personal responsibility for your account and all of your tasks. As your DA, Alexis will call you to set up your preferences, integrate with your cloud services and provide you with end to end executive assistant services.

Dedicated Assistant


Karen has been an virtual executive assistant for over 8 years and is based out of New York, NY. As a vetted and trained Red Butler Administrator, Karen supports your Dedicated Assistant to ensure speed and consistent coverage.

Travel Experts


Paul is one of Red Butler's Receptionists - he's been with Red Butler for 4 years. Paul is one of numerous Receptionists that will answer your calls and automatically coordinate with your Dedicated Account Manager to pass the right messages along.

Red Butler Privileges

Travel Team

Sara is part of our Executive Travel Team. She specializes in maximizing value and has years of experience to ensure that your travel preferences, loyalty profiles and travel demands are managed perfectly.

Responsive, consistent and accountable.

Trust Ranked Transactions

Email & Calendar

Red Butler will manage your calendar and schedule all of your appointments. Share your calendar with your Dedicated Assistant (DA) and email or copy (cc) them on messages whenever you'd like to have a meeting created.

Meaningful delegation happens when integration is strong


Reach out to Mark copied on this email and get us on a call Friday.


Reschedule my doctor's appointment to the 21st.


Reach out to any leads and set appointments on Tuesdays.


Get our leadership team on an urgent call today at 4pm.


Block off all availability after 3pm for my son's games.


Hours Saved
Scalable Resources

Calls & Receptionist

Red Butler will answer your calls, take voicemails and ensure that your time is spent where it matters most. Simply forward your number to us and we'll take care of the rest.

Flexibility matching need with time.

Forward Calls
Forward your land line or mobile number and we'll answer your call. Turn off forwarding with a simple call.
Transfer Calls
We'll direct calls where they need to go. Add numbers to sales, customer service, or key personnel and we'll re-direct callers.
Not in the mood to take a call, we'll answer or listen to your voicemail for you and provide you with the ones that matter.
Call Back
Let us know who to call and we'll follow up for you. We call on behalf of your company or name, so branded to your desire.
If you deal with a lot of appointments, we can get those calls onto your calendar in real time. Finally, a single solution.
Say goodbye to spam and junk calls. We'll mitigate spam, block numbers and make sure no one is wasting your time.
Licensed Travel Experts

Licensed Travel Experts

Red Butler combines the flexibility and global executive concierge services of a travel agency with Internet-competitive fares and rates.

Executive travel is more complex than point-and-click.

Red Butler

Benedict Kwaku

Head of Product

Ben is Head of Product and advises all startups that join the accelerator he works for in New York. He travels from New York to San Francisco twice a week. Ben's mandate for his Red Butler admin: access to flexible fares, keeping costs down and earning him miles for all of his flights.

Before Red Butler

Uses Hipmunk and Kayak to buy flights
Ben books his flight at full fare. Due to a scheduling conflict, he has to call Orbitz, pay penalties and waits on hold to modify.
Ben's Time
55 minutes

After Red Butler

Submits a request to Red Butler
We book the best priced flights, earn him double miles and if a change is required, we call and handle all of the changes.
Ben's Time
4 minutes
Tech For Teams

Dashboard Technology

Manage your entire Red Butler experience utilizing our proprietary Dashboard technology. Modify preferences, run reports, track time and much more.

Powerful cloud based productivity.

Personal Account
Your Account

Red Butler has been providing services to entrepreneurs, executives and industry leaders since 2005. Log into your account to manage your preferences, run reports and add users at anytime.

Productivity Portal
Add Users

Share your time with other members of your team or even clients. Send invitations, manage permissions and set caps on time that is allowed to be shared. Red Butler can support 1 to 50 team members per account.

Customized Concierge Services
Custom Solutions

No two companies are the same. If you have over 50 users, Red Butler can establish a customized solution to meet your program's objectives. We are capable of building out ground up solutions, offering on-site services or integrating our platforms through a variety of available APIs.

Anytime Anywhere

Recurring Processes

Delegate strategic core processes to Red Butler. Your Dedicated Account Manager will train on your cloud based systems and fulfill recurring duties, such as data entry, research, file organization and more.

Making productivity work

Personal Assistant

Eric Rosenthal

VP of Business Development

Eric is responsible for establishing relationships with hundreds of prospective clients. He utilizes Red Butler calendaring and for recurring processes.

Data Entry
Every Monday, my DA goes through our excel contacts and adds to our marketing platform.
Inbox Management
All customer support tickets get audited every Wednesday to ensure we have no responses.
LinkedIn Contacts
Once a month, my DA combs through LinkedIn and adds any new contacts from my email.
Global Concierge

Jessica Kim

Chief Marketing Officer

Jessica works for a Fortune100 financial institution. She rarely has any personal time, so she uses Red Butler to help manage some of her personal and family responsibilities.

Credit Cards
I do a lot of online shopping, so my DA audits my statements each month looking for refunds.
Family Time
Once a month I get a list of family events in my area, parks, museums, that sort of thing.
Social Media
Many friends feel I'm ignoring them, so my DA will forward me Facebook events and messages I missed.

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