How it works:

Simple. Get started with a plan and meet your Dedicated Account Manager. Call, text or email them directly at anytime. When we work, we deduct in 5 minute increments.


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Hi, we're real people, so once you sign up your Dedicated Account Manager will hop on a call with you to get to business. They work in your time zone and will help you utilize your account to it's full potential.



During your on boarding call, we'll discuss the types of things you need help with and match them to our key competencies. Our goal is to take on core processes and strategic work.



In addition to the one off tasks we can help you with, Red Butler will take over any recurring tasks and internal processes you might have. We’ll train on what you need us to do.



Share your calendar and copy Red Butler on any emails for seamless scheduling support. You can also forward your mobile or land line and our receptionists will answer branded to your desire.



Store your contacts, logins, travel preferences and more. You can even set communication preferences, best time of day to contact and customize just about every aspect of your assistant.



Once everything is set, you just call, email, text or submit your requests online - everything else gets done automatically. You can track what we're doing and generate reports at anytime.

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