Rely on our friendly team of Virtual Receptionists by Red Butler.
We'll answer your calls, take messages, patch you in and more.


Receptionist Services

Let us answer that for you. With a front office receptionist, you can rely on Red Butler to answer your calls and route them wherever you'd like us to. Plus, we can access your calendar, it's never been easier.

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Answer Calls

Red Butler will answer all of your calls. Simply forward your mobile or office line to a local number that we will provide for you. We will answer your calls branded however you would like and take a message, forward or send them to voicemail.

Make Calls

Our receptionists can also make calls on your behalf. Whether it is to schedule appointments or return a missed call, our virtual receptionists will obtain the information you need meticulously and seamlessly.

Route Calls

Utilize our call tree capabilities to route your calls. Press 1 for sales, 2 to leave a message - it's never been easier. Choose your business hours and route calls to other departments, voicemail or to other extensions.

Schedule Calls

Our receptionists can also manage your Google or Outlook calendar. Imagine, having clients or sales leads contact you and being able to add them to your calendar in real time.

12 Hour Coverage

Our receptionist services are available in English from 6am to 6pm PST or 9am to 9pm EST. Rely on 12 hours of coverage during weekdays. Off hours can be easily re-routed or sent to voicemail.


We check your voicemail for you. Our receptionists will record your voicemail, check all messages and provide you updates based upon your preferences. We can send you transcriptions of your messages as well.

Custom Tones

Upload any custom tones, hold music and select from digital or live answering branded messaging. Customize our receptionist capabilities based upon your needs and preferences.

Simple Reporting

Each call is logged in your Red Butler account along with details. A minimum 5 minute deduction is made for only inbound calls and in 5 minute increments thereafter.

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Results: Overhead Decrease

In 2016, we decided to move 10 of our executives to Red Butler, primarily to handle appointments, calendaring and travel booking and support. After a six months, we realized 68% utilization with more executives interested in outsourcing a variety of tasks. With the addition of receptionist services, we've managed to increase billing time and while reducing fixed overhead administrative expenses.


Maintain a professional, reliable and highly customized front desk experience with Red Butler's receptionist capabilities.

Select from live answering, digital response or recorded messages that are branded to your company or call tree functions.
Utilize call tree capabilities to route calls based upon numeric selection or time of day. We can transfer calls to external numbers and staff.
Red Butler will provide you with a complimentary number that is local and free to use or forward to. Or, utilize one of our toll free numbers.
We can customize your voicemail greeting and provide special instructions as you see fit. Plus, we'll listen to your voicemail and send you relevant updates.
Change your settings at anytime, listen to recorded calls - no technical skills or management required. Just let your account manager know.
Connect your Google our Outlook calendar and Red Butler will automatically add and update appointments - seamless, secure and professional.
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Ideal For


Whether you are a new entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner running one or more companies, Red Butler provides you with front and back office support so that you can focus on what you do best.


Focus on your work while we do the rest. Red Butler will answer your calls, manage your appointments, connect you with consultation inquiries and manage your affairs.


Whether it's customer service, sales or general inquiries, Red Butler can answer your calls. Don't send callers your mobile phone, we'll provide you with a local or toll free number, easy.


Whether your organization is looking to replace or add a front desk receptionist, Red Butler can handle all inbound calls, or set up numbers for key executives and personnel requiring more support.

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