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Office Assistant

Supercharge your team or entire office, team or company with professional administrative support. Red Butler makes it easy to share time and customize services to achieve optimal productivity.

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Share Time

Red Butler makes it easy for your entire team to work together and save time. Hours are shareable, just like a family data plan. You can also allocate specific hours for any team member, place utilization caps and more. Simple.

Add Time

You can upgrade your plan at anytime or just buy additional hours for yourself. Same goes for everyone on your team. If anyone needs more time, with just a few clicks, they can purchase additional hours that only they can use.

Manage Users

Sharing your time and working with your team members is easy. Send an invitation to anyone that you'd like to share Red Butler with. Set permissions, run reports and customize your team's level of collaboration.

Manage Features

Pick and choose how Red Butler works for you. During setup, you can set Recurring Requests, activate Travel Features and select which users have access to Calendar & Email Management. It's totally up to you.

Direct Message

Collaboration is key and Red Butler's Dashboard makes it easy to communicate internally with your team members. Send and receive direct messages and send team notifications or memos.

Teams Requests

Share your request with everyone on your team. The information gathered from our response will be visible to everyone. Avoid redundancies, maximize efficiency and spread the knowledge.


Reward your team with access to Red Butler Privileges. From instant upgrades to priority seating, unlock experiences, activate value and empower your team at hotels, restaurants and businesses.


View time used, productivity scores, telephone calls, email sent and more. Review your own productivity, cumulative team productivity, identify trends and more.

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Results: Productivity

In 2014, 500 Startups' legal team was in need of support. With an exponentially growing number of investments, 500 Startups delegated all financial and investment documentation to Red Butler. In 2015, 500 Startups added an additional 25 team members, each utilizing Red Butler to maximize their departments' productivity.


Match your needs to Red Butler's core competencies. Since 2005, our business model has evolved to support scale, quality and executive strength support across numerous services.

We'll manage your calendar, set appointments, coordinate meetings and proactively optimize your day.
Create a company email address for us to monitor, reply, respond to and act on your behalf. Real people, real results.
Establish recurring requests like expenses, filings or backups that enable you to set it and forget it..
Rely on our team to find contacts, identify trends, locate articles, find pricing, vet vendors and more.
From corporate travel to family fun, store your travel preferences and our agents will take care of everything.
Coming Soon. Forward your telephone number to Red Butler and we'll answer, route and take your messages.


Return on Investment

68% in productivity

Red Butler is all about maximizing your company's time and resources. Our team of professional virtual assistants help you save time, while simultaneously minimize costs - spending a fraction of a full time hire.

47% in retention

Combining our easy to use SaaS based Dashboard, access to Red Butler Privileges and plug and play services, your team can focus on what they do best. Red Butler is a business tool that keeps people heppy.

22% in revenue

Happy employees that can focus on their top goals will result in stronger and faster growth. Red Butler's scalable model keeps costs to a minimum while fueling company efforts to focus on revenue growth.

$90 in savings

Combining Red Butler's access to Privileges, travel upgrades, business discounts and other deals with preferred partners, Red Butler will save money every month for each of your team members.

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