Zirtual 5 Hour Bonus

If you're making the move from Zirtual or are willing to give Red Butler a try, we'll add 5 bonus hours to the first month on any plan.

Monthly | Yearly | Hourly



Per Month

  • 5 Hours of Assistance
  • Client Support
  • Basic Scheduling
  • 1 Hour Response
  • 1 User Included



Per Month

  • 15 Hours of Assistance
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Email, Calendar & Calls
  • 1 Hour Response
  • 2 Users Included



Per Month

  • 25 Hours of Assistance
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Email, Calendar & Calls
  • 1 Hour Response
  • 3 Users Included



Per Month

  • 50 Hours of Assistance
  • Dedicated Executive Manager
  • Email, Calendar & Calls
  • 1 Hour Response
  • 5 Users Included

Buy hours for projects.

Our monthly plans are ideal for deep integration with ongoing virtual assistant support. If you just need help with a project, or plan on using Red Butler from time to time, you can buy hours that won't expire for 90 days. Buying hours is great for research, organizing and meeting deadlines.


Added Benefits

On any monthly level of service, you gain access to all of Red Butler's services, capabilities and features.

Admin, Travel & Privileges

Whether you're signing up for 5 hours per month or 50, you have total access. That includes virtual assistance, administrative support, travel services, concierge services and access to our exclusive VIP Privileges.

Great Relationship Terms

No startup fees, no cancellation fees, no contracts. Upgrade at anytime (we'll prorate your current plan and bump you immediately). Downgrade at anytime (your next renewal will reflect a lower plan). Cancel at anytime.

Professional Travel Services

Professional travel is more complex than point-and-click. Red Butler combines the flexibility and continuous executive concierge services of a travel agency with internet-competitive fares and rates.

Dedicated Account Manager

At the Red15 Plan and above, experience consistent, knowledgeable support on every request. Your DAM learns your preferences, processes, and procedures. That way, we always know how you want things done to ensure consistent quality.

Time Sharing Flexibility

Your spouse, business partner or team can share your hours. Distribute all the hours as a first come first serve pool of time, or divide the hours evenly. You can even place caps on an as-needed basis. It's your call.

Real-Time Metrics

Check your Red Butler Dashboard to track your Productivity metrics at any time you're wondering about hours saved, requests completed, calls made or emails sent. Access your request history and measure productivity.

Collaborate in the Cloud

Red Butler can easily integrate with the cloud-based productivity apps you depend on today: Calendars, DropBox, Google Docs, Evernote and others. Store contacts, logins and preferences in your virtual wallet.

Easy Communication

Red Butler's team is happy to interface with you on request in any communications mode that fits your work style: email, text, call or stay in touch by submitting online using your Productivity Portal.

Getting Started

Our job is to make yours easier.

Meet your Partner

For deeper integration, at the Red15 Plan and above, Red Butler assigns you a Dedicated Account Manager who will contact you to assess your strategic delegation needs. Your DAM functions as your Red Butler team captain, acting as your main point of contact who will learn your preferences and processes to ensure consistency, quality and seamless integration - taking first-line responsibility for superior service quality.

Deepen the Connection

Once your Red Butler account is up and running, let's debrief on your preferences, productivity needs and your goals for the Red Butler relationship. We'll set up your inbox, communication preferences and set up any recurring tasks. You can also utilize your Red Butler wallet to securely store your contacts, logins and account preferences. The more we know, the better we can perform in proving your total productivity.

Account Sharing

Optionally, you can share your hours with a spouse, business partner or your entire office. Mange users, share your time, set usage caps, monitor utilization and more. Your DAM will walk you and your users through the account sign-in process, making sure everyone understands how to begin maximizing our service. Share your hours as one big pool, or allocate specific hour allowances to specific team members.

Proactive Productivity

We want to proactively scan for opportunities to add value to your strategic delegation process. To that end, we will check in with you on a regular basis to document any and all important future milestones. (We like planning ahead.) And internally, we will be monitoring the Trust Scores on your Red Butler request history, looking for trends and opportunities to identify new tasks that you can strategically delegate to Red Butler.

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